Yuna and Kimahri’s relationship is something I would have loved to see or hear more about. There was just something sweet about Kimahri being the loyal guardian to Yuna after she lost her Father and taking her away from Bevelle.It’s just something that I personally would love to hear more about, I know people really get into many of the other kinds of relationships, but a guardian and his summoner that doesn’t involve romance could be so damn sweet.If they didn’t change the Summoners tradition in the story, I could have seen him becoming Yuna’s Fayth moreso than anyone else. Call it personal tastes or just that the idea that he has been protecting her since she was so young and will stay by her side until the very end makes me smile and feel sad at the same time :’D



i died

it’s my last week of work and the office has signed a congratulations card and gifted me a box of chocolates, which is sweet. but i’ve lost 20lbs on a diet and now i can see it in food form next to me.

I’m all teary, it was very sweet of them to do that, i’ve only been here for a few months

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